God designed us to thrive in community! The mission of New Song Groups is to Follow Christ Together in Kingdom Community.

We want you to thrive in Kingdom Community and are here to help you along the way.

Joining a group might feel overwhelming at first, but we believe there's a perfect fit for everyone.

...even if that means forming your own!

At New Song, our vision, mission, and four pillars empower everything we do.

Picture our church as a warm and inviting home.

The roof symbolizes our vision is to HELP PEOPLE KNOW GOD
The core of our home is our mission is following the teachings of Jesus in our daily lives called PRACTICING THE WAY
Just like the beams that support a house, our Pillars are PURSUING GOD'S PRESENCE, TRANSFORMATIONAL DISCIPLESHIP, fostering KINGDOM COMMUNITY, and engaging in SACRIFICIAL MISSION are what uphold and shape our collective identity.

There is a door open for you to step ito relational community will you step through it?

By forming a group you can impact the kingdom in a significant way while also creating much needed community.

Our church is growing quickly and studies show people feel most disconnected from church when they are not in community. At New Song, we want to defy those odds. But we need your help. We can't all join groups, someone has to lead them - could that be you?

You are needed, equipped, and supported (Hebrews 13:20-21). We will be with you every step of the way - Let's do this together!

When we moved to OKC, we left all our friends and family behind, so we joined a small group that we eventually transitioned into leading. Over the years, that group became our family - they are who we call when we are in need or have exciting news! Our group comes around us to celebrate and mourn with us. When our children were born or when my husband needed emergency surgery, they showed up in the middle of the night and in the weeks after to help. When we need prayer or have a praise report, they are always who we call first. We love that our kids get to be best friends with their kids! From group trips to family dinners, we have finally found the extended family we never thought we would have!

New Song Group Member

We craved community. Good community. Friends who wanted to do life with us, help us grow, call us out when needed, and hold us accountable. We wanted to transform into the image of Jesus WITH our friends. As a parent, I wanted my kids to see that there were other families out there who make hard decisions, dare to be different, and proudly serve Jesus. Our NS community group has given us that and so much more. It is a safe place to be ourselves and grow for the better. My family is extremely blessed by our group and we can't imagine doing life without them.

New Song Group Member

Frequently asked questions

There are many possibilities because we have four different types of groups. (Community, Men's Women's, and Outreach) Each group is centered around a different intention, but they all aim to bring connection and glory to God. Depending on the type of group you are in, there will be fellowship, service opportunities, prayer, and maybe even a meal.
Leading a group depends on the type of group you're starting. In most scenarios, besides outreach groups, it could look like opening your home to host a group of people from the church. We ask that you meet once a month at the least. There are many different types of groups and our coordinator would love to talk with you about what group would suit you best.
While we try to have a group available for every demographic across the metro, we are limited by available group leaders. If you strongly desire Kingdom Community and cannot find a group that fits your needs we ask that you prayerfully consider forming a group to lead. There are likely other people in the church who are also seeking out the same type of community!
This is up to you. We encourage a consistent meeting and hope your group will take off to form lifelong relationships. However, we understand that there are seasons of life and are flexible with timelines. This is a great thing to discuss with our coordinator.
No worries! We would love to help you with whatever your concern is. Contact our coordinator at